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The Dragon's Blood Chronicles by Sean Poindexter

The Shadow of Tiamat (The Dragon's Blood Chronicles Book 1)

Book Description

On a dark Ozark highway, two souls meet in tragedy and find their lives are connected to things bigger than them both. Megan Crunk, a social worker from Joplin, uncovers vampires preying on a small community. That same day, she meets Garrett, a fascinating stranger who is clearly more than he seems. But, as Meg slowly learns, so is she.

Garrett Terago is an ancient dragon. Until now, he's been content with the secluded Ozark mountains. Disguised as a human, but rarely paying them heed, until he meets Megan. He offers her love and protection from the vampires but can he keep her safe from his own kind? War looms between the dragons. Some long for a time lost to prehistory, when they were worshiped as gods, masters of the world. Somehow, Garrett is instrumental to their plans and Megan is in their way.

My 5 Star Review
There is so much to this book to go on and on about! I LOVED IT!! Like wanting to read it again right now kind of loved it. The ending was a little abrupt, some would groan and be irritated with its cliff-hanger-ishness. I felt it would lead well to a next book…and wouldn’t you know THERE IS!!! I am so excited to get my hands on “The Will of the Darkest One!” But let me give you my brief take on "The Shadow of Tiamat"...

“In this story, your ‘prince’ is also a dragon.” Indeed it is! Megan Crunk, who goes by Meg, is your average everyday girl. Meg works for CPS (child protective services) and likes her job, which leads us to her meeting all of the interesting people of Joplin and the surrounding area. Chief MacDuvall, a hard ass chief of police, who makes Meg uncomfortable following her visit to check on a child in his town. While she is trying to get home she has an accident that changes everything for her.

Garrett Terago, who declares after the accident, “I’m not an angel.” Must be an angel as he appears to have no injuries from the accident and is helping Megan remain awake and tended too until help arrives. “I’m Garrett, and you don’t have anything to worry about.” Is the truest sentiment of the book I feel as it carried though out. Even after revealing his true form to her she was positive she would be safe with him. Mr. “Prince unbe-f’ing-lievably charming” “magnificent in the buff. Every inch of his skin was flawless, from the lean strips of muscles coiled around his chest and arms to the broad tip of his long, thick, uncircumcised….” OMG, I didn’t want it to stop!!

The other dragons are Morrigu, Garrett’s mother; Yomiko and Yor, twins which are rare and they are almost inseparable; Xyrus, a psychopath; Fraise, oldest and hates humans; 
Vritra, a lustful interest to Yomiko and doesn’t seem to be fully on board with Fraise. Anyway, there are a few others who are featured, but those are your fundamental heavy’s when it comes to family and foes of Terago.
Then we meet the highly erotic and sensual Aoni’a, and YES I would have been just like Meg!! (You have to read to understand but OMG!!) And how!! *sigh* “she was flawless, even by dragon standards.” I admired her unrepentant confidence in her actions and knowledge of her vanity. Near the end, her loyalty is to Terago and his mistress is something short of breathtaking.

I left Meg and Garrett with these words from Meg…
“A Princess,” she explained, giggling. “ A handsome prince rescued me from an evil dragon and brought me back to his castle.” ……. She smiled big. “It’s my story, and I can get rescued by a dragon prince if I want.”

Pick this up and you won’t be disappointed! The fight scenes are realistic and the love is breath-taking. (Oh, and I forgot to mention….there might be a vampire too! LOL)

The Will of the Darkest One (The Dragon's Blood Chronicles)

Book Description
The chronicles continue! New alliances are formed between unlikely allies as the dragons try control the damage unleashed into the human world.
The bond between Garrett and Meg is crystallized, but as their worlds collide there are repercussions. Aoni’a and Meg try to help Yvonne with her impossible secret with the unlikely assistance of a curious human sorcerer. As Garrett and Ardeth undergo a dangerous journey to save Yvonne’s new child, Meg continues to explore her own secret.

Darker motives surface as the vampires seek revenge. Max becomes a target in a retributive strike by a pack of vampires hoping for advancement, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew. The dragoness Gruda seeks vengeance for the death of Xyus, while Veles Fraise collects allies for his coming war against humanity. Shades of his ultimate plan are revealed; the ancient dragon Fraise may serve a higher, darker will than even his own.

My 5 Star Review 
The second book was in my opinion just as engaging if not even better than the first. I laughed, cried, screamed, sighed, and laughed some more with this second installment of 'The Dragon's Blood Chronicles Book'.

This second book picks up right where the first one left off. And I have to say, Holy Smokes!! Set in Southwest Missouri, where apparently random weather patterns and gas leaks occur regularly, our sexy beast of a dragon Garrett lives with Megan his lover, Megan's BFF Yvonne, Aoin'a the dragoness with occasional visitors of both dragons and wizards alike. The details of the house are amazing, I found myself truly feeling you are there going up the staircase or down in the depths of Garrett's lair. Or even peeking up at Aoin'a swimming in the buff!

There are vampires as well in this as we are introduced to Zor, their lord. And the clan of (seriously stupid) vamps that have made the area their territory since the last sheriff had a run-in with a dragon. (giggles) They are more of a secondary story within this and its only due to the supernaturals crossing paths, that make them come off as humorous misfits, but lend overall to the book.

With combustible passion and solid friendships this group of dragons, humans, and Megan; battle the vampires, demons and other dragons. All the while with zany one-liners about dragon babies..."Is a little dragon going to pop out?" To Garrett's impressive wealth and moments when he reminds Meg that his account "doesn't have a limit." *sigh* And we can't forget "Meg was stuck with the stinky wizard." LOL

I would recommend this book to any romance, paranormal, sci-fi reader. Looking forward to book three, the continuation of Megan's story!!

Both books available on Amazon: http://astore.amazon.com/seanpoindexte-20

Sean Poindexter Biography

Though born in Mesa, Arizona, Sean has spent most of his life in Missouri. He graduated high school in Lebanon, Missouri. His mother was a special education/reading teacher and his father was a police officer. Though they divorced when Sean was very young he remains close with both his parents. He has two brothers and no children, but he has a very large extended family in the Ozark region (Mountain View/West Plains Missouri region) and Southern Arizona (Eloy/Casa Grande area).

After high school, Sean attended college at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri for a time before dropping out and going to work for a TV station in Springfield, Missouri. After a time, he returned to college and graduated from Missouri Southern State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, minor in Philosophy. He holds a Master of Science in Criminology/Criminal Justice Administration from Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, Kansas) in 2005.

After college, Sean naturally gravitated towards social work and investigative work, eventually settling with a job investigating allegations of abuse and neglect of disabled adults and seniors for the Missouri Department of Heath and Senior Services. Sean began working on the first book in the series in November of 2008, while still working full time for the State of Missouri. Though Sean has been writing most of his life, he claimed (as per his blog) that he did not consider writing professionally until he was inspired to do so by a terrible vampire movie. During the film, Sean amused himself by imagining the vampires being attacked by a dragon. Sean has remarked on his blog that he often does this when bored or annoyed with a film--though sometimes he uses Vikings, zombies, or Cthulhu in place of dragons. 

His literary influences include H.P. Lovecraft, Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, George R.R. Martin, Robert E. Howard, and R.A. Salvatore, among others. In addition to writing, Sean enjoys watching and reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thrillers. His hobbies include playing Xbox, fantasy role playing games and collecting firearms. Sean's background in sociology, criminology, and philosophy are heavy influences on his work, as well as his experience as an investigator (former) for the State of Missouri.

You can connect with Sean with the links below:
GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/Sean_Poindexter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seanpoindexter?directed_target_id=0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeanPoindexter
Website: http://www.seanpoindexter.com
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