Saturday, April 11, 2015

Author Spotlight ~ Lucian Bane

Oh what an Author!! Can I just say what an honor it is to know an author cares enough about his lifestyle and beliefs that he is willing to share it all and put it all out there for the masses to judge. And judge they would think from his Facebook that being a successful Author would be a bit easier...but maybe in fact success makes it harder.  I know from following him since #DOMWars first came out that he is a man of integrity and prides himself on #FamilyValues even writing in a genre most find captivating and yet sometimes taboo! But with #GOD, all things are possible! 

When you read his books and learn a little about him, even from his Amazon Author see more than just the success of his sales and book see a bit of his heart...
Here is what he has to say....

"Hello, Lucian here. I'm a husband, Christian, and author who loves writing tales--paranormal erotic romance, contemporary erotic romance, fantasy romance, and even dark erotica-- about men who honor, cherish, and protect the women they love. Stories that are real enough to form a how-to bridge for readers, demonstrating "how to" add heat and passion to their marriages and relationships, build life-long commitments--no matter what sort of life they've come from--and build strong families; a healthy foundation all societies need. 

I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to teach them how to bring out the strength that exists within the men they call boyfriend or husband. Teach them how to dance out their fairytale romance in a world that isn't too kind to the 'happily ever afters' we all hope to achieve.
When I was younger, I submitted to my inner reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, the transformation made me into what I am today. A man that believes and endorses Forever Love. Something we could stand a lot more of in our times, I think.

A definite MUST read, any reader, author, lover of books, and scribbler should make his books a priority read! Yes they're that good!!

You can find him on Facebook...with a side of sarcasm!

You can track his musings on Twitter...Tumblr...
Where he will supply endless quotes and more  :) 

Just be aware that he is one of a kind!

But just because he posts warnings like this....
He should be aware of my own warnings....hehehe ;) 

Now....his books are addictive...I should know, I have read...EVERY...SINGLE...ONE...OF...THEM!!!

From his newest release Mercy!! 
Which is completely a 5 star times a million #BOOM ...kind of read!! I mean, once you click it...yeah, good luck putting it down!! He has this gift of sucking you in and injecting you with a case of the #FEELS that you just consume the words on the pages until your left gasping and begging for more!! 
Here is where my review is on goodreads if you want to check it out....of course Lucian thinks goodreads is....
But even with it being a pain in the rear....leave a review when you read because it truly helps...not only the authors learn what you like and that their work meant something to someone...but someone else who may be on the fence about reading a certain book, well your review may be the one to make them #oneclick 

Then he brings us this incredible world of....
of course you may think I am biased...but let me tell you...out of the different genre's he writes....they don't fail to suck you in!!
I am going to share this review instead of sending a link to it...why?...well one, because I can...and two...because of all his books...this made me really think in terms of what a character must feel like if they were in fact more than just the words...

Here's my review of Arks of Octava....
Characters are real in this fantastical story from an author's imagination of a alternate realm of possibilities. The Muse-Rider, Mr. Poe is an unfinished character in an abandoned story, but in the fictional world he lives in he can do incredible tricks, amazing and very powerful things. His journey, along with Kane, take you on a trick of the mind and muse as they attempt to help the world of Octava. Nothing is as it seems, and everything can be rewritten with the power of WORDS!

I don't know how Mr. Bane does it...but I believe that was his best book I've read yet....I'm in tears having finished and absolutely feel the fear and love in this book. So moving and just overwhelmingly heartfelt emotions throughout....can't wait to follow more of Poe, Kane, and his Scribblers journey!

NOW....hehehe...Onto the Academy....
the continuation of #DOMWars where #Lucian and #Tara and #Steve will make you PSL and root for their happiness!!

Paranormal will never be the same....he has broke the mold with #RUIN...just wow...I mean is it possible for an author to truly jump genre's and just suck the reader into each world and root for the characters as much?? #TeamRUIN 

So now we are here...and of course it's MOST Important...
Don't miss the Beginning....

So there you have it....Lucian Bane...#BOOM
#oneclick #mustreads
NOTE: each book cover is a link to the amazon purchase page!

Thank you for reading my blog and following along <3 I appreciate each and every one who does!


  1. Wow. I mean just... WOW. This was so fucking touching, it was a trip down memory lane, I was grinning the entire time.

    Thank you for this. Sharing now!

    1. Your a favorite of all the books and can't wait for more Ruin...Arks...Mercy...Dom Academy.....*giggles* you create worlds I love to get lost in!!

  2. What a stellar job spotlighting Lucian Bane, Jen! He is one of my favorite authors, too, and it is fantastic to feel your enthusiasm for his work and his values. I feel that you have captured a piece of the Lucian I've come to know on his social media sites. Great work!

    1. Thanks Jan! That means alot to me :)

  3. What a beautiful and honest review of Lucian and his amazing work! I have been a faithful reader since his first book and will continue on as long as he keeps blessing us with his talent.

    1. I agree! He just writes such good books!

  4. I found Lucian Bane through plowing through Kindle suggestions & picking up Dom Wars 1. Then found him on FB. Never looked back. His vision & imagination are that translates to his writing.
    As a guy & author on FB, he does not mince words. Pleasure & excitement & enthusiasm are crystal clear in his posts. I also appreciate his truthful postings when things are sucking. I like that this guy has real emotions even when they are ugly or uncomfortable to read & experience. That is how truthful & passionate his writing is period...whether it is in one of his amazing books or a simple Facebook post :-)

    1. abso-freaking-lutely! His writing is emotional and moving. Love his books!

  5. Lucian and I encountered each other through another author we both support. I began proofing WKDA 1st Semester and was hooked. No matter the genre he tackles, Lucian pours his soul into his characters. I have never been disappointed in his stories. Thank you for a great overview of his work.

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog post *big smiles*