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Semblance (The Midnight Society #1)" By Logan Patricks

Whoever said money couldn't buy happiness has never starved a day in their lives.

My name is Aria Valencia, a third year classical music student at the university, and I was down to my last dollar. Some nights, I seriously considered working at the rippers just to make ends meet, but the thought of my dad's spirit--God rest his soul--scowling at me while I danced up on some drooling degenerate was enough to turn me off the idea completely.

And then one night, chance came knocking on my door under the guise of the Midnight Society, a secret cabal comprised of the most wealthy and influential souls this side of the Universe. Their leader was a man named Shadow, who was equally enigmatic as he was gorgeous and, for some mystifying reason, had his dark brooding eyes focused on me.

Seduced by the promises of fame and fortune in exchange for a seemingly innocent request, I soon found myself drawn into a provocative world filled with both vast riches and unending lies and it didn't take long for me to realize what being a part of the Midnight Society actually entailed: shiny things, sensual romance, and dead bodies.

Being with Shadow came with a terrible price, one that I wasn't willing to pay. There's a dark side to every love story, and this one was mine.

Jennifer's Five Thrilling Stars Review

Aria..."struggling music student" who could barely keep herself feed and a roof over her head. An opportunity to perform at the China White Supper Club changes her life...and in a thrilling way.

Abraham...owner of China White is an amazing character throughout the book. You can see early on with his loyalty and charming persona that he is very protective of those he cares for. 

With her performance at the restaurant, making her several hundered dollars in tips. The most interesting part was meeting Calisto Tremaine, the raven-haired beauty who will offer Aria an opportunity to make ten thousand dollars for a one night only top-secret affair....But you know, things that often sound to good to be true often are. 

Aria then meets Shadow,Calisto's brother, and he 'was not the monster I envisioned him to be. He was a ravishing angel that for some unexplained reason had chosen me to be his soul mate.'

With secrets, sex, lies, deceit and bone-chilling moments...Semblance takes you to a place where the monsters are real and you never know whom to trust. Shadow may choose her but she was chosen for him. Will the seduction and games show their true colors or will you want to jump off and chose the love you think you know verse the love you have to have.

Some memberships are exclusive and come with a hefty price, membership into the Midnight Society was not different as it entailed its own benefits and price tags: 'Shiny things, hot sex, and dead bodies.' 

Can't wait for book 2!! This was the best twisted, thrilling romance I have read in a long time and the cliff-hanger will leave you begging for book two too!!!

Jacy's Five Dark Masked Stars

From Aries mouth to your ears "oh shit"!!!!! This book was one Giant mind fuck, and I absolutely loved it. I have never in my life read read anything remotely like this before.....of course there where the normal themes like love, heartache and smoking hot sex!!! However it was disguised in a rich tailored suit and mask with haunted eyes, there was so much going on (however not to much). I was never bored and always bouncing in my seat with anticipation.

And then there's the men.....sigh......yes let talk the men, we have the handsome and loyal father figure/jack of all trades (like resturant owner and chauffeur), then me have Mr. Fox which I immediately fell in love with this messy haired quickwitted smooth talker, who mistakes hearts for vaginas all the time. And lastly we have Shadow, the sexy mysterious man who just looking at him you can tell is dangerous and you should run...........but what woman would give up the chance to get behind his haunted mask and see the real man......Well defiantly not this girl that's for sure!

Truly over night I have become a huge fan of Logan's is new and refreshing, but still has everything I love most about in a book. With new twists and turns I have never read before, and the ending twist has me hanging over the edge just waiting for the next book!!!!! So Logan be fore-warned you have a new stalker impatiently anticipating the release of the second book!!!

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Logan discovered both love and heartbreak at the tender age of seven, when the pretty little blue-eyed girl next door stole his Kit-Kat bar and shared it with the bad boy from across the street. Devastated, Logan found solace by escaping into imaginary worlds he forged with words, creating kingdoms where the chivalrous knight always got the princess.

Twenty three years later Logan spends his days in a suit and tie, working for the government on matters of network security. However his thoughts never strayed too far from the incendiary nature of love — the passionate fire that’s both scintillating and dangerous. Obsessed with exploring the steamy and mysterious side of human nature, Logan continues to create worlds filled with thrills, mystery, and of course, sex.

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His presence cast a hush throughout the gardens. Shadow strolled towards the three women on their knees, stalking them with an animalistic grace.
He was ominous, yet electrifying and I found myself trembling just standing in the same vicinity as he was.
“Your bride awaits you Shadow,” Calisto said to her brother.
I glanced around and noticed that everyone had their head bowed in reverence of this man.
It was disconcerting and this made me panic.
This had to be a cult; there was no other logical explanation in my mind. Any second now, this Shadow fellow was going to pass out the Kool-Aid and we were all going to drink it and die.
There was still time for me to flee. I could pretend to use the bathroom and then sneak out the window or something. I had no idea where on the map this estate was, but that didn’t matter. I needed to escape and I could figure the rest out later.
I looked around to see if anyone else was watching me.
Damn it, indeed someone was. Calisto’s eyes were deadlocked onto me.
I panicked and almost let loose a scream, but managed to contain myself. Thank God for the mask I was wearing, which hid the expressions on my face.
Calisto smiled and winked at me, which I thought was a bizarre thing to do. I had no idea what was happening or what to expect, but I desperately wanted to be away from here.

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