Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review: Angel 6.0: Escape

Angel 6.0: Escape
Angel 6.0: Escape by Travis Luedke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This second book was so much more intense than the first. The story flows so well...in what feels like no time, your on the last page and begging for more!! Travis has this way of turing on the lust and having the story seeping with emotions with every turn of the page. From the highs of extasy to the chills of fear, you take this journey with baited breath and wet panties...becuase...OH.MY.GOD...does he weave such an incredible story that you dont want to ESCAPE!

Oh Angel!! *sigh* I am totally girl-crushing on her! She is kick-ass and totally smoking hot...I mean fierce and sexy, she just radiates it off the pages. You can't help but become entranced by her beauty and seductive nature, but beneath it all is this strong and powerful woman. She makes the best of the situations she is thrown into, and will fight for what she feels she should. Her freedom may be what she craves, but there is an underlying desire for love and acceptance. Her desires may have dark undercurrents (since she gets off on pain) but ultimately she loves the high of release and the bond she feels with the criminal and captain (even if she is a prisioner).

Despite the lust and highs of release, there are twists and turns that keep you on your toes...and even moments your tears will hit the pages as you read through blurry eyes to find out what happens next! Sensory extasy from the waves of bliss that flow from this story are amazing...I completely recommend this series and this book to anyone looking for some hot, sexy, sci-fi, erotic, romance, with thrills and chills...because this series has it all! #TeamAngel #Escape #Pain #EroticSciFi #MUSTRead #oneclick #fivestars

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