Friday, March 25, 2016

#NEW #RELEASE Between Worlds (Book 2: Heaven Scent's Series) by Tania Cooper and Ricky Cooper

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Between Worlds

Book 2: Heaven Scent’s Series


Between Worlds Angel Synopsis

I believed that Good would always prevail over Evil;
I have been proven wrong.

Leaders rule and all must follow if they’re to protect the ones they love.
One simple act, a means to an end, leads to Albion becoming lost in his own personal hell, driven by the force that is Lucifer.

Evil will find a way to walk amongst the Angels, bringing about a catastrophic event that will see Arianwen lose faith in God, causing her to question her place on the side of Good and whether the only way for her and Albion to finally be together, would be for her to give up her Halo and fall into darkness.

With their immortal worlds on the brink of war, they must decide what side their faith lies on, but, not before they seal their fate together forever.

~~My Five Star Review of Between Worlds~~
On baited breath I waited for this book to be released!! Well, luckily I didn't have to wait as long as everyone else, as I was gifted a copy from the authors for beta reading and feedback. I must say book two picks up right where book one left off. And HOLY HEAVENS!!! Ari and Albi are hurting!! I mean separated against their wills, their bond loosing strength and heaven and hell are trying to sever their love completely. With Lucifer and his minion, along with Gabriel and his angels, Albi and Ari are going to have to over come so many odds and truly show that love can win. But the battle is intense and their hearts and souls are not the only things to be damaged in the wake of their love trying to be torn apart. With plots of evil from both heaven and hell, will Albi and Ari get their happy ending? Or will everyone fall?? Find out in this epically emotional journey of love and overcoming hell itself to find the other half of your soul. But make sure you keep your tissues handy and a drink and snacks on you won't want to put this book down! #oneclick #mustread #tissuesrequired #loveisheaven #loveishell #loveconquers #HeavenScent #BetweenWorlds

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Between Worlds

Heaven Scent’s 

~~My 5 Star Review of Heaven Scent~~
OMG!! This book is fantastic....I mean truly, an amazing love story that should not be missed!! Sexy and Sinful as well as Heartwarming and can't help but be drawn into this series!! We follow the epic love story of Albion and Arianwen as their love threatens to tear their worlds apart! Like literally heaven and hell! The way they 'feel' one anothers presence, is written so beautifully that you love the moment her protector makes himself known. This is more than just a fight for the souls of others...this will be the battle that rocks them to their very core.

Can't wait for book two and love the way this book just flows seemlessly throughout the pages and you can't possibly help but fall in love with Little Wing and her protector, her love, her Albion.

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