Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart
Dragon Heart by Susan Arden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I totally loved this book!! EVERYTHING about it! From it tying into the [b:Collared for a Night|18053918|Collared for a Night (Rocky Mountain Shifters, #1)|Susan Arden||25339234] but being a prequel to it.

In Dragon Heart we follow Shannon Barclay as she is pushed by an unseen force into almost marrying Dimitri who wants nothing more than her as a 'Trophy Wife', a tool to use in his scheme of things. He only wants her because she is pure. However, one night with a Dragon would change everything!

Shannon aka Shay, is a stubborn, yet beautifully, smart woman who will do what it takes to get by after she escapes from Dimitri, her family and Drake. She disappears and hides while things only get worse for her family due to Dimitri's influence and his master plans to change the shifter world.

Hilarious moments happen along the way, but of course Shay would say...'This isn't some preternatural pissing match'...even when Drake comes barreling back into her life. Five months and lots of things have changed, the danger from her leaving the first time is catching up. With her family in danger and Drake by her side, will it be enough to give Shay the strength to save herself and her family? You have to read to find out!! (Trust me, SOOO GOOD!!!)

You will swoon, laugh, gasp and maybe shed a tear...but Shay and Drake will burn themselves into your heart! Absolutely a MUST READ!

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