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Review: The Syrian Virgin

The Syrian Virgin
The Syrian Virgin by Zack Love

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Now your wondering why the dock of a half a star? Well, my normal genre's are all romance based, which this falls into. However, I tend to steer clear of political or religious based books. This is both and much more. I have to admit that in the beginning that I wasn't sure that I would be able to continue, the drama and events detailed were too much for me at times (yes, I am a big softy).

We follow Annisa's story and how she dealt with circumstances beyond her control. A favorite moment was with one of her uncles when they crossed into America. But the losses Annisa faced were severe and much more than I could ever have imagined facing. Her strength and courage is one of empowerment to take adversity and turn it into something positive to make her family proud in her eyes. And even with all the realism of the story you learn about her and the reason she makes her life choices. Her innocence even after ones might dwell in despair is something to marvel.

The story comes across a bit like reading someone's diary, and during the book it breaks into almost reading two journals/diary's. (Yes, journal's are what men write) But this story wound up pulling me in and keeping me wondering about the two men in Annisa's life, Michael and Julian.

Reading Julian's POV during his chapters (journal entries) was enlightening to say the least. He certainly keeps things hot and steamy along with dealing with his own personal demons. I must say, I am totally HOT for this teacher! *giggles* His insightfulness and witty banter with both Annisa and his therapist are both highly entertaining and often quite naughty.

I was surprised by some of the events that took place between both Annisa and Michael and Annisa and Julian. Maya (Annisa's friend) is also a bit of a mystery but provides a good balance to the book with her quick humor and generally sassy-self.

All in all the book was a really good read. Pushing me a little out of some of my comfort zones and making me take another look at how different life can be in other areas of the world. (yepp, I admit to living sheltered!) I can ABSOLUTELY say that I will be looking out for book two to see how Annisa deals with the changes coming.

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