Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: The Alpha-Bet

The Alpha-Bet
The Alpha-Bet by Scott Hildreth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

CLICK IT, CLICK IT NOW!!!! If you EVER wanted a book that would knock your socks off....well....CHRISTY CROSS IS BOSS!!! Holy mother of all....DO NOT MISS THIS ‪‪#‎BESTEROTICABOOKEVER‬ SERIOUSLY!!! ‪#‎CLICKITNOW‬ TRUST ME you dont want to miss this!! Author SD Hildreth writes amazing freaking books....but this one....THIS ONE IS AMAZEBALLS!!!! Yes, I sound like a total fan girl....but you have to understand...there is no right way to review this book!! You will be stunded and astounded at Christy and the antics she gets herself into...LOVE HER!! TOTALLY and COMPLETELY....(yes I know I am using alot of caps and hashtags) but SERIOUSLY GET THIS words do it justice...She is strong, sexy and totally an alpha-female that I would envy as a BFF...she is my BGF (book-girl-friend)!! HOLY the words of Christy herself...."Christy Cross is Boss!" and YES, yes she is!

(ok, i might breathe now, but seriously erotica book i have EVER EVER EVER read!! even after months since my first read thru, yeah, best there is!)

favorite quotes:
'Rules. I freaking hate rules, regulations, requirements and expectations. Freaking people.'

"Life isn't about gold dust farting unicorns, sugar coated mountains, and fairies. It's about fun. Romance and romance novels are for pussies and dreamers."

"I assumed he had a normal dick. Secretly, I hoped he had a large one. We all hope for the big ones."

"Holy shit, a motorcycle club of fucking midgets. I hate midgets. I fucking hate 'em. They freak me the fuck out. Midgets and Clowns."

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