Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kitchen Affairs (Riverside Trilogy, #1)Kitchen Affairs by Brooke Cumberland
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Kitchen Affairs is a super cute romantic read!! And absolutely gives off a lot of Heat in the Kitchen!! Set in the Riverside Restaurant in the Windy City, Chicago....

Molly is a strong female lead, not only being a single mother reaching for her dreams, but dealing with the loss of her first true love. She is studying culinary at one of the best schools in Chicago. When she is accepted for an internship that will change her life in more ways than one.

Drake *swoon* oh yes Drake Stagliano is a powerful ladies man. "And mostly, he is incredibly intimidating. And hot." Needless to say he commands attention from all the ladies, but has eyes for only one. And boy does it make for some steamy hot moments in the kitchen. I mean if you can't take the heat, there is always the walk-in freezer! :)

Michael is Molly's best friend and is priceless to her. He is a big player, but he is very gay and proud. <3 He has been around to help with Molly's daughter Stella, since he is a writer he has the flexibility to fill in where needed.

Travis is a sweetheart with a son about Stella's age. We meet him breaking Molly's phone, going to the museum, and then in class. (can you say stalker? LOL) But he isn't stalking Molly, its just amazing fate or luck as you prefer to call it. And he is smitten with Molly and is an amazing cooking partner.

During the course of her internship we discover Molly is clumsy, observant, focused, and learning to love again. It's a deliciously sweet romance with a few sour notes to give it complexity. The desire Drake and Molly share is off the menu and totally appealing to read.

The uniqueness of this book can be seen with the family time moments and you cant help but love some "String Cheese and Olives" or "Pickles and Yogurt." <3 Oh to be a kid again! Seriously!

A must read....can't wait to get into book two "Kitchen Scandals"

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