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Review: The Shadow of Tiamat

The Shadow of Tiamat
The Shadow of Tiamat by Sean Poindexter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is so much to this book to go on and on about! I LOVED IT!! Like wanting to read it again right now kind of loved it. The ending was a little abrupt, some would groan and be irritated with its cliff-hanger-ishness. I felt it would lead well to a next book…and wouldn’t you know THERE IS!!! I am so excited to get my hands on “The Will of the Darkest One!” But let me give you my brief take on "The Shadow of Tiamat"...

“In this story, your ‘prince’ is also a dragon.” Indeed it is! Megan Crunk, who goes by Meg, is your average everyday girl. Meg works for CPS (child protective services) and likes her job, which leads us to her meeting all of the interesting people of Joplin and the surrounding area. Chief MacDuvall, a hard ass chief of police, who makes Meg uncomfortable following her visit to check on a child in his town. While she is trying to get home she has an accident that changes everything for her.

Garrett Terago, who declares after the accident, “I’m not an angel.” Must be an angel as he appears to have no injuries from the accident and is helping Megan remain awake and tended too until help arrives. “I’m Garrett, and you don’t have anything to worry about.” Is the truest sentiment of the book I feel as it carried though out. Even after revealing his true form to her she was positive she would be safe with him. Mr. “Prince unbe-f’ing-lievably charming” “magnificent in the buff. Every inch of his skin was flawless, from the lean strips of muscles coiled around his chest and arms to the broad tip of his long, thick, uncircumcised….” OMG, I didn’t want it to stop!!

The other dragons are Morrigu, Garrett’s mother; Yomiko and Yor, twins which are rare and they are almost inseparable; Xyrus, a psychopath; Fraise, oldest and hates humans; Vritra, a lustful interest to Yomiko and doesn’t seem to be fully on board with Fraise. Anyway, there are a few others who are featured, but those are your fundamental heavy’s when it comes to family and foes of Terago.

Then we meet the highly erotic and sensual Aoni’a, and YES I would have been just like Meg!! (You have to read to understand but OMG!!) And how!! *sigh* “she was flawless, even by dragon standards.” I admired her unrepentant confidence in her actions and knowledge of her vanity. Near the end, her loyalty is to Terago and his mistress is something short of breathtaking.

I left Meg and Garrett with these words from Meg…
“A Princess,” she explained, giggling. “ A handsome prince rescued me from an evil dragon and brought me back to his castle.” ……. She smiled big. “It’s my story, and I can get rescued by a dragon prince if I want.”

Pick this up and you won’t be disappointed! The fight scenes are realistic and the love is breath-taking. (Oh, and I forgot to mention….there might be a vampire too! LOL)

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