Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: The Perfect Distraction

The Perfect Distraction
The Perfect Distraction by Melissa Rolka

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love a good distraction! Good distractions only work for so long, as I found out in Melissa Rolka’s book ‘The Perfect Distraction’. This really is a great read for those who look for the sweet romance, lover’s triangle, of course a little drama on the side. Self-discovery, letting go, and trusting are a few things we learn from Kate during this segment of her story. Cliff-hanger endings are not usually something I enjoy with a book, but the ending on this is closure enough to not totally leave you with your mouth hanging open. I do look forward to reading more of Kate and Reed and Kyle.

As Kate’s story begins we find out she is a freshman in college; he dad and brother take her to her dorm. However her mother is not really mentioned as to how or why she isn’t in the picture but just that she isn’t. And changes have been happening for Kate and “it’s hard for me to hide my sorrow…and anger, but I do and I do it well.”

Kate’s girl friends that she makes at college are the best group of girls. They truly look out for one another and genuinely care for one another. Maggie and Kate’s bond is the strongest and it made me a little jealous for a friendship like that. But I absolutely loved the oh so girly moments between them talking about boys and sticking up for what they believe in, or rather who.

Kate’s men are a WHOLE different game! There is Kyle, her first love and heart-break, kind of stalker type control freak. Marco, the deliciously smart and handsome accounting major who is super sweet and loves to party. Derek, the dorm mate who had romantic interests that were not returned. (Yepp, no butterflies there!) And then there is Reed! *swoon* “much bigger than butterflies…maybe birds.” Reed is a tall dark and handsome, blue-eyed tennis player and the ‘perfect distraction’.

The adventures and romance really pick up fast for all characters, even as Kate is trying to be less reserved, she still proceeds with caution and you can’t help but love her for it. She is gaining confidence but there is a constant shadow of her prior relationship peeking in at random times. I found that I really enjoyed Kate finding herself and learning to be a strong independent young woman. The way the author captures the emotions from all is wonderful and engaging and I couldn’t help getting carried away.

Favorite Quotes:

“I notice crystal clear ocean baby blue eyes watching me.”

“Blue Eyes, aka Reed Harper.”

“I’ve definitely been distracted more than I ever have before.”

“Swoon. I have to remind myself to breathe.”

“I read. A lot actually. And I listen to music.”

“It’s you and it makes all the difference.”

                                                And LOVE the NEW COVER!!!!

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