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My Review of Infatuated by Elle Jordan

InfatuatedInfatuated by Elle Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was infatuated with Infatuated…I couldn’t put it down as I was compelled to keep reading. This book sucks you in and keeps you engrossed until the very end. By definition infatuated is only an intense but short-lived passion or admiration. Earl / Ally / Kale are more than that.

Earl, “He’s particular…and maybe a little peculiar.”-admitted by
Laura. “He had no problem staring at me with that creepy gaze-like now-but he couldn’t be bothered saying a thing? Creep.” Ally makes her thoughts on Earl’s infatuated gazes throughout the book known to the reader and it filled me with a sense of impending dread. Between his staring and stalking the books progresses quickly with the intensity of fear that Earl and his actions that are later reveal.

Ally is a college student who is working at a friend of her dad’s bar in the city she decided to move to out from under her parents to go to school and strike out on her own. The bar is also where she meets two men who are infatuated with her. “He was back. He always came back.”Ally’s story progresses terrifyingly quickly with an intermittence of sweetness. The conflict of emotions throughout the book had me keep going to find out whom and what was going to happen to whom. This is a must read from cover to cover, beginning to end, I couldn’t put it down and loved every moment. Friendship, Protector, Stalker, Lover, Death, and Moving on…this book has it all.

Kale, *swoon*, is a ruggedly handsome mechanic with ‘dark, short and curly hair’ and ‘blue, with just a flash of green…pretty eyes.’ He is sweet, funny, sexy, charming, strong, handsome, and a Knight in Shining Armor. He is infatuated with Ally and has been hurt before. The speed things are moving between these two you can’t help but wonder who is more dangerous. Earl or Kale? With comments of possession like “MINE”, is he really the lesser of the two evils?

Maxine is Ally’s best friend of ten years and college classmate. She knows Ally’s drive to achieve the best scores in school and her nerdiness. Max and Ally’s friendship is easy, funny, and full of quips and teasing about school, boys and life. You get right away that their friendship is a “BFD – Big Fu
This is a must read!! I would recommend to any romance lover, suspense/thriller, and maybe even some mystery readers who enjoy a little romance now and then.

Favorite Quote:

Ally/Kale (location 687 via Kindle)

“Why do you call me that? Ally Cat.” “Alley cats are fierce, and sometimes a little scary if you mess with them.” He grinned. “I figure you’re definitely both.”

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