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500 Days by Jessica Miller

500 Days. It is a new adult contemporary romance!

500 Days by Jessica Miller
Book Description
Publication Date: April 14, 2014

Casper Covington had his music, women, and pretty much anything he wanted at his disposal. But the one thing that plagued his thoughts constantly was the one thing he couldn't have. The girl he met six months ago. A drunken one night stand that he couldn't get out of his head. The only thing he remembered from that night was her green eyes and the ivy tattoo that stretched the length of her body. In his attempts to put an end to the tortuous dreams of the mysterious girl, Casper’s attention is caught by the new bartender. There’s just something so familiar about her that his need to get to know her becomes more troublesome than he expected.

Alexis Radcliff was raised by her four brothers making her as tough as nails on the outside but on the inside she wanted what every girl did – someone to love her, faults and all. She would be damned if she admitted that out loud and made a point to show she could use men just as easily as they used women. But when a sexy musician starts to show interest in Alex she has a hard time convincing herself to stay away. Alex knows everyone has secrets but hers are ones she doesn't want to share. But when she can no longer fight her feelings, her dark past slowly starts to unravel.

Can true love conquer all? Or are past ghosts a haunting premonition of what lies ahead?

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The Wanderers by Jessica Miller
Book Description
Publication Date: December 4, 2013

What do you do when you learn your family is the one who's holding all the secrets. Secrets that could get you killed... 

Ella is looking forward to starting college in the fall with her best friend Josie. She’s looking for a place where she can get away from her overbearing parents and two older annoying brothers. Unfortunately Ella realizes that sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. 
Ella soon learns that the man who terrorizes her dreams is in fact real and coming after her. 
When one of her classmates is murdered, Ella slowly recognizes this is not some strange coincidence. Ella fears that the boy she’s falling in love with is the one who stalks her dreams and no longer knows who she can trust. 
When she finally learns the truth of her families deepest secret, Ella has to face her demons by taking out one of the people she thought she could trust…before they kill her.

Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B00AKC0SL4

Reborn (wanderers, #2) by Jessica Miller
Book Description
Publication Date: October 21, 2013

Ella finally knows what she is, but now she’s not so sure she knows who she is. 
With Jack still on the loose her parents have her confined to the house leaving Ella to feel like she’s stuck in a prison. Coping with the loss of her best friend and the love of her life, Ella feels trapped in an endless cycle of torment. She feels she’s doomed to lose everyone she loves. In attempt to keep her safe and help her understand her new life her parents decide that what’s best for her is to go back to school, but not just any school. 
Ella’s not alone though. The school is filled with students who are just like her, including her brother Dean. Her mission is to keep herself blended in the background and out of trouble, but unfortunately Ella isn’t that lucky. With the roommate from hell, her brother constantly breathing down her neck, and being pinned right away as the outcast, Ella wants nothing more than to just crawl under a rock for the rest of her life. Even the school’s sweetheart has it in for her. 
Can she overcome her fear of the unknown? Will she ever learn to accept who she is? The most important thing Ella is concerned about is just surviving the semester at Hamilton Hill.

Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B00G7IEV5Y

Unforgiven (wanderers #3) by Jessica Miller
Book Description
Publication Date: February 13, 2014

All it took was three magical words… 


Ella knew leaving was wrong. She knew there would be consequences but what was at stake was far more important than anything she could have done if she stayed. She just had to see for herself. 
Ella also knows Josie’s time is limited. With the help of her friends, Ella takes off and introduces herself to a foreign land. She hoped to keep her whereabouts a secret but it isn’t long before her father discovers where she is and threatens to take her back kicking and screaming. Things quickly go awry and Ella finds more than what she was looking for in her search for Tristan. 

Ella knows eventually she must return home and face the aftermath of her sudden departure. But her head and heart aren’t sure they can handle it. 

Will Roman forgive her? Will Gabe and the rest of her friends hate her for abandoning them in their time of need? 

Found out what happens next in the all new installment of The Wanderers series with Unforgiven.

Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B00IGFK9P2

The Hairdresser Diaries by Jessica Miller
Book Description
Publication Date: May 6, 2012

For Tatum, love has always been something to keep at a distance. It was easier and it was safer. As an independent young woman she is content to enjoy a life split casually between friends and her career. Her life changes one night when by chance she meets the mysterious Cole and finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. Almost instantly he leaves a lingering impression on her that is so perfect it's terrifying. Soon she isn’t sure what she wants and finds it impossible to get him off her mind. It’s everything about him. It’s the scent of him that lingers, the closeness of his breath, the slightest touch of his skin and the blue of his eyes that makes her very soul ache. The last thing she wants is to admit to love and the inevitable complications that come with it. But it isn’t long before her inability to reconcile what her heart wants sends her life spiraling out of her control and she becomes trapped in a dance of giving in and running away. 

Before two people can share their lives, they need to face their past.

Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B00IGFD33W

About the Author 
Jessica Miller

In an alternate universe my time would be spent lying on a beach reading or writing while being fanned by some delicious man candy. But I live in the suburbs of Pennsylvania where the closest beach is two hours away. 

In reality when I'm not daydreaming (which is most of the time) I'm working at the salon or playing super nanny. I tend to live in a fantasy world more than real life, but the best part of that is I get to let my overactive imagination run free when I write.

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