Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Beast by Jaden Wilkes

Dimitri Sokolov is a man scarred, physically and emotionally. From the rough streets of Moscow to the highest ranks in the Solntsevskaya Bratva, he has seen it all.

An attack four years ago left him disfigured and in seclusion, hiding from reactions to his appearance and in safety from those who failed to kill him the first time.

Comfortable in his penthouse, managing his billion dollar businesses, he's resigned himself to be alone, simply called The Beast among those who've dealt with him in the past.

Columbia Grey is a pseudo-activist trying to save her neighbourhood from a developer intent on levelling it to build apartment towers. She goes along with a plan to confront the CEO of the company on his own turf, to force him to listen to her demands...all in a pathetic attempt to impress a man she barely likes.

Little does she know, she's taken herself into the mouth of the beast, a man familiar with death and destruction, sex and seduction, a man used to getting exactly what he wants and a man with nothing left to lose.

She's a beauty, but will that be enough to tame the beast and save her life?

***This is not a fairy tale, this is what happens when the music ends and life goes on after the credits roll. This is about simply existing until you find yourself and write your own happily ever after, no matter what form it takes.

ALTHOUGH DARK THEMES ARE EXPLORED, THERE IS NO RAPE OR CHILD ABUSE IN THIS NOVEL. IF YOU READ THIS AND THINK THAT, PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. (PS I apologize for being so yelly. Having a book banned is rather disconcerting. These darker themes are touched upon, but in the past...they do not occur in the present within the book. I cannot sanitize the past lives of my characters in order to give it mass appeal.) 


A Special Note from Author Jaden Wilkes......

Hello there!

As you may or may not know, my book The Beast was recently targeted on Amazon and blocked for sale. I have heard conflicting reports back from Amazon, and frustratingly vague emails concerning "content violation". I was finally able to get somebody on the phone who informed me that their system will automatically block a book if it receives a high number of complaints within a very short time frame. Essentially 30-40 complaints within a day or two.

This was a deliberate attempt to knock me down, and sadly it has succeeded. I was in the top 100, and number 1 in three categories for a good week prior to this. At the time I was blocked, I was 1,1, and 2 in my categories and had "slipped" to 138 in the overall paid store.

Through some effort, I was able to republish and have my reviews transferred over to the new book.

My sales have suffered immensely and now I'm lucky if I break the top 500.

Who knows if this would have happened by now...but I'll never know, my book wasn't allowed to slip into obscurity on its own.

What I am hoping to do, to combat the people who did this to me, is to have a "Beast Blog Blitz" from April 2nd to April 9th. I will be holding a rafflecopter for signed paperbacks and hope to create enough buzz to get The Beast back up close to 100 again so we might show the reporters that they can't win by "gaming" the system.

If you could share a teaser, a graphic, or the cover and the new buy links at any time during this period, I would appreciate it so much.

I have attached the graphics, and the buy links are below, as is the html for the rafflecopter.

Thank you so much for this, and let's hope Therapist doesn't get targeted by the same group! Let me know if you need anything else from me,




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