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Exploration (The Potential Trilogy) by Peyton Sloane

Exploration (The Potential Trilogy) by Peyton Sloane
Publication Date: June 19, 2013

Being with the same man since she was 18, 26 year old widow Jazz Mickelson is hoping to catch up on all the life experiences that could have been hers had she not leapt into a committed relationship so young.

Julian St. Sauveur is looking for three things: romance, comfort and trust. He mistakenly thought he had them once many years ago. He sees potential for him and Jazz but knows it is too soon for her. 
Will she accept his unusual proposition, one that allows him to hold on to her while she catches up on life?...and will she choose him after experiencing all the wonders that await her?
Find out as Jazz and Julian explore their potential...

***** 5 Stars *****
First off a short tid bit about how I was gifted this book over a month ago with the promise of my review coming within two weeks...well that didn't happen and was ever so gently reminded of my promise...NOW, once I started this book it was IMPOSSIBLE to put down (without significant want/craving to pick it right back up) of course having to work and operate a vehicle dampened my reading time. Now it brings me to my review...

I have to say HOLY MOLY! Why in the heck I waiting was enough for me to tell Peyton "ok...slap me now, cuz i seriously could not put the book down, i was reading it almost non-stop since picking it up yesterday (needless to say, work got pushed aside for reading)"

HOLY WOW WOW Wowzers!! what a story!! and the end, just, GAH!! LOL ;) How could it end like that...just when it was ramping up to a new level of hotness, just *sigh*

I must say Jazz and Julian are smokin' hot together, and love how he is so in-tune to her physically and emotionally...add the fact that he calls her Cherie more than Jazz and just *swoon* love his accent and total charm, Julian can melt some panties!!...I for one, totally want a man with an accent to sweep me away in my fantasies!! The sex is hot and the realism of the relationship is totally there...I like that he bought her something special but, adding to the realism of it, made it not the time to give it to her. 

There were times I had thought (and only because many books I have been reading lately have it) that the shoe was going to drop or something horrible was going to happen....but by NO means am I upset that it didn't...I got that angsty feeling though every so often during certain moments in the book and of course Travis (i'd cheerfully like to choke the guy)!

This is an incredible first book in 'The Potential Trilogy' and will totally hook you! Peyton absolutely has a gift of making you feel like the voyeur watching everything and not pushing to the realms of unbelievable.

Eagerly awaiting book two!! Thank goodness I already have it on my kindle!! ;) <3 

A must read for all romance lovers, just beware and have book two ready to go or you will have a book-hangover from H-E-L-L!! LOL

(review to come soon on Obstruction!)

Obstruction (The Potential Trilogy) by Peyton Sloane
Publication Date: April 2, 2014

When Julian St. Sauveur, described in Architectural Digest as the "Rock Star of the Architectural World" was seated beside the bohemian woman on his flight to Paris, he never would have conceived how events would this young widow would capture his mind, heart and soul so quickly and completely. She was a force of nature and his equal in every way — passion, anger, joy and just plain silliness. Jazzmyne Mickelson took off on a journey of self- exploration and was likewise thrown off balance by the beautiful and urbane man who sat beside her. He is curious, inappropriate and completely proprietary...she is fascinated, responsively inappropriate and swept off her feet. She is na├»ve and overwhelmed, thrilled and frightened in his presence. He is thinking he has found his greatest desires. Barely begun, and tenuously fresh, Jazz and Julian's relationship is tested by each other and the spectre of Julian's burgeoning fame which accosts them at every turn resulting in deceit and terror. 
Will they find a way through the obstacles together and stronger or will they be torn apart, broken beyond repair?

I'm a wife of many years to a great guy who is completely supportive of my writing and excited for me but I think totally petrified to ask details. When I started this and he asked what it was about I answered "erotic romance". He looked at my quizzically, so I elaborated -- "smut" and he asked no more...

I have a full time career and am mom to two beautiful fur babies--at the current moment... They're way more photogenic than me, hence my profile pic!

I'm an avid motorcyclist and after many years of contemplation and story ideas formulated riding our great continent I have finally put fingers to keyboard. This is the most monumental event of my life--yes, even eclipsing marriage et al. 

As always apologies to my mom who wishes she could wash my mind out with soap!

So looking forward to sharing my characters and their stories with readers, I hope that they bring you as much joy reading them as I am having writing them.

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