Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: Tag Chaser

Tag Chaser
Tag Chaser by Kandi Steiner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just finished it a minute ago....ok, so yes, i won this book months ago in paperback... and after talking to the author a few days ago i realized that i never read it....because i read all my books on my kindle, so i bought it and just finished!

Yes, I would read it again, Paisley and Corbin's story was a very sweet romance and let me feel like, when your meant to be, you will be. Her best friends make the story come to life with having a great support system for her life's ups and downs. Corbin is such a fresh change from all the uber alpha males being written, he is sweet and funny and nothing he does with Paisley is taken lightly. I am so glad that they had a realistic pull/push/pull to their relationship. Far from perfect, but incredibly hot and steamy and moments to make you swoon!

The main reason it took so long is the fact that I don't read paperbacks, and being a blogger it seemed I always had another book that I 'had to' read. I am so glad I was reminded that i had never read the book by posting a picture of my quirky 'book condoms'!

I loved Tag Chaser and am looking forward to Song Chaser!!

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