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Review: My Now & Forever

My Now & Forever
My Now & Forever by H.J. Bellus

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Milly is a wonderful and delightfully feisty character that you can't help but admire and adore from the start. Yes she has some issues from her past, but that's what makes you love her more. Strong and Lovely are two adjectives I would use to describe her from the start!

Milly deals with a shitty marriage to "the Bastard", but gains so much more in the long-run. Her mother-in-law Francis is the glue holding things together...until all that changes when she is lost to Milly after a brave and (yes I know its weird to say) funny battle with cancer. You love their relationship and obsession with Potato Salad!!! LOL

"Cindarelly + Francis May Crazy Pants = PMP" PMP is short for Pee my Pants....hahahaha!

Their last whispered words to one another left me in tears, but shortly after I was back to laughing my rear off at the turn of events. Armed with her "cotton candy-colored bling bracelet" she is finally divorced from "the Bastard" and has to meet with Francis' lawyer for something she is totally unaware of. Yes life is crazy!!

After leaving the lawyers with a new lease on life Milly's eye is caught..."It was red! It was beautiful! A '66 Ford-150 with side steps and a "For Sale" sign in the back window." ol'Betsy, as Milly named the truck, is set to start her new chapter in life, "pulled on my aviators and roared out of the driveway".

With little direction of where life was to take her, Milly takes the advice of an elderly gentleman whom she crosses paths with that Colorado will be her destination!!

With following Francis' wishes she opens her journal and makes her "Bucket List Thingy" and begins anew. Setting her sights on a small town outside Fort Collins, CO Milly begins and she is crossing off things on her list!! Starting with Malcom! Sexy hot mechanic! "I need to be serviced, ...I mean I need lubed" ROFL, thank goodness Milly was talking about her '66 Ford, but Malcom is also ready to give her a full service to start her trip out right! Armed with Milly's 'Bad Ass' moves and the motivation "GO!" "It was on like freaking Donkey Kong bitches!" "Woot Woot!"

After finding her store with an apartment above Milly sets out to fix up and open her dream shop. With a beauty salon across the street from her new shop/home, Milly meets Lacy, her "Sister from another Mister!" They sync so well together and become best of friends, instantly and effortlessly. You can't help but love the colorful quirks and banter between the two and it keeps going for the remainder of the book....Definitely soul sisters!!

After a colorful "Shit! Fuck! Bitch!" moment we meet the man of a lifetime...*sigh*...Cree!!!! Assumptions being made by Milly leads her to think he is more than likely unavailable, which is true, except she's only 5 and her name is Anne!!

Lets just say from here things are a beautifully written progression that will leave you laughing, crying, giggling, swooning, and yes most of all, falling in love with Anne.....hehehe, and Milly & Cree too!

Pick up a copy of 'My Now & Forever' and get ready for the next chapter to come called 'My Today'!!

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