Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: My Today

My Today
My Today by H.J. Bellus

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well HJ Bellus has knocked it outta the park again!! (Baseball metaphor intended!) My Today picks up right where My Now and Forever leaves off, we pick up with Lacey's story and her waking up she "could feel the morning wood pressing into my hip, so I knew it couldn't be a girl this time". LOL, seriously?? and it just gets better.....after a rude and exposed morning leads her back to Milly and Cree's house and family breakfast.

Tripp is a former baseball player who Lacey refers to as "seriously a freak. You're huge and all muscly and sh!t. You're a Beast." Of course he is your typical bad boy with tats and issues, but we soon discover he is looking for his princess and even asks our hardcore tatted Lacey to be his "Beauty" *sigh*.

Even though things are fudged up in both their pasts, Tripp and Lacey tell a wonderful love story. And in pure Bellus fashion you will have PMP moments and Cry your eyes out only to love completely and laugh with abandon in the end. :)

Lacey terms to watch for....
Kids/Children are known as....Critters, little Creatures, and Rodents
A fetus can be known as....Meatball, Meatballio, and Meatloaf
Friends can be known as....Tw@t-waffle, Biotch, Soul-Sister, and Creeper

My Today is an crazy, sexy, intense, hilarious, enjoyable, and PMP story!

Tripp is the Beast
Lacey is the Beauty, just don't call her Princess
And this is the best fairy tale ever told!

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